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The business was established in 2007, providing garden services in London, UK.


Rumen Radanov /MA Landscape Architect and MA Urban Designer/

I am commited to work using knowledge and passion, aiming to combine comprehensive theory and practice into creating beautiful outdoor spaces. My main objective is to satisfy the client and complete successfully each new challenge. My business is based on completing tasks at fastest pace, without compromising quality or health and safety conditions. I have succeded in providing traditional solutions to landscape and garden problems as well as inovative 'outside the box' thinking. I am a qualified landscape architect, who doesn't mind getting his hands 'dirty' and enjoys growing plants.

Client's Testimonials

  • Mrs M.B.D from Highgate, London

A garden, should be an asset to a house, but sometimes the right professional help can transform. Rumen  Radanov’s, RR Landscape Solutions is just the firm I needed: hands on help to cope with over mature shrubs and brambles, professional landscaping advice and planting all completed with drive and awareness of the clients requirements. For vision, follow through and maintenance, RR Landscape solutions delivered the garden I wanted but could not achieve by myself. 

  • Mrs B. Keller from Knightsbridge, London.

I have been so happy with Rumen and his work. He has brought our garden to life and made our terrace look beautiful. He and his team are conscientious and courteous and I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Mrs J. Fleming, Wimbledon, London

Rumen has been designing and maintaining our garden for several years and we are delighted with both the results and his commitment to his work.  He is extraordinarily well qualified, both academically and practically, in garden design and planting.
He is full of creative ideas and works quickly and efficiently.  He is charming and courteous and has a great sense of humour!

  • Mrs Jenny Stolzenberg, Hampstead, London
I would like to thank you for recommending Rumen, your gardener. He has transformed our garden in 3 sessions, brought much needed colour and order.  He is a hard working, trustworthy and charming person. 
Best wishes,


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RR Landscape solutions Ltd

11 Stable Walk
N2 9RD
London UK

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tel: 01923 562303

mobile: 07878 212040

We can deliver

  • Planting design
  • Landscape designs
  • Garden designs
  • Irrigation systems design
  • Garden lights