Green Wall Modular System

Modular green wall system

The product is plastic modular living wall system. It is suitable of making indoor and outdoor green walls. It fits small as well as large areas. The plastic modules are produced of 100 % recycled plastic with added UV protection. They are durable, easy to assemble and provide an opportunity to use wide range of plants. Quick Plant Installation and easy watering are also a great advantage of the system. The installation kit contains drip irrigation pipe, which can be easily installed in the modules and connect to the existing irrigation system or directly to watering pipes. For modules support, we use metal rails. Green Wall Modular System can be easily fixed to any wall - concrete, brick, masonry, sheet metal, timber and other surfaces using appropriate fasteners. It can be used at home, in the office, on the terrace, cafes, bars, lobbies, facades and more.

Create lush, beautiful vertical gardens, indoor or outdoor!

Please watch installation video below

Please watch the installation video here

Please see below installation photos, technical sheet, trade prices and ongoing projects in central London

ModularGreenWall | 240 GBP